Friday, August 28, 2009

You tell me how?;

Yes, a little slow but awesome post for MTV WORLD STAGE!

And it's on the 15th of August! Everyone is so cite about it even though there are some few thoughts that something bad might happen but it's all good. The sound system, craaaazy crowds(oneofthemisyouknowwho) Before World stage some of us was still struggling to get tickets. It went well cause we got them tickets, worth it with all the troubles.

So, anyways the bands were tick off good. Like, seriously shiaat. Further IFM? watch it yourselves. Reached there around 2.30-3? waited for like 3 hours or so cause you know celebrities are always fashionably late. Excuses to the fans as always. It started to rain and MTV peeps gave us free raincoats and a hand fan for all sweaty-smelly-armpits it was SOUR. The bands are Extranged- not bad for a local band but awesome sreamo. Boys like girls was awesome but they came out too early- when they started playing 'THUNDER' someone actually cried. Pixie Lott- and yeaa, she's one hot brit and all the crowd goes *uh-oh*! Ray gun- watch the videos! Hoobastank- Who do want to call? GHOSTBUSTERS! And last but not least, it's not last but i'll take it as my last. Are ya read? are ya ready to faint? but not to the extend............... YEAAA!(withhighpitch) THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS! To the kick-ars-bomb! Tyson was like literally the most talkative among all the band leaders. Can i hear a Oh-yeaa? As you all know, Tyson ritter and Nick Wheeler are the one who made it all happen as in AAR. So, give it up for T&N :) Last band Kasabian- we left right after AAR performed so go kasab.

THEM with raincoats!

It looks like we're swimming just that we're sitting on water. If that really happens.

Boys like girls- Hey hey hey!

break time, where we all chill.

Pixie Lott- Hot dei! Right boys?

Hoobastank- The leader looks like the guy who acts in martian child as in the main character. Don'tcha think?

That's right babeeey, It's the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS! Can i hear a Yeaaaaaaaa! Dayuuum.

Dimi and chey AWESOME pose! :)

Monezieee me love <3

16th of August- mime performance

So, it was Sunday and i didn't know a thing maybe cause i got the wrong info? Not around lately? Anyway, It's a good thing i went to KCMC on that day. If not no 'EYE' meaning no front center stage. It was only a one time practice and i was still mixed up with some parts and steps but all it's well and we managed to pull it off. The crowd seems to like it. Momlebush and dad-D didn't get to see it since they no nothing about the dates neither do I but i did managed to video it! Soon to upload on that one, take time but trust me. When i say 'take time' I mean never, maybe.

I think it was before or after? Still warming up.

Definitely after, the sesat one there. Yeaaaa, you got it :)

20th of August! Practice practice practice!

Another performance, and again! only one day to practice due to the postpone exams we have no choice to deal with it on Thursday right after our last papers. Oh, results? Don't! Joshua Gan was my part and through the dance? Lets say it was hilarious for some reasons. The 'scarf' part. HEH:) It didn't look the way how we practice but it was funny though. There were some dramas which i don't even want to know or remember. So, Friday was the real day. Slept over at Ati's place on Thursday night with Heena and Andrea. Wanted to watch movies but instead we stay up late so we gssp. Got some few dets! Unbelievable but meantime not surprise. After the whole performance stay a while to celebrate MERDEKA and head home to changed and meet up with the peeps who are in the performance. Went to SP and watched G.I joe! And again, lots of complication and Ati didn't join us. Wonder why -.-

Typical kuang jin with that post.

Ati house practicing.

group photo at the wicked place. HEH :)

And another after Secret recipe's.

Fencing with the two jakaloonies. In Joshua's room.

Take that!

Just look at the space in his room. HUGE!

Bit you twice! Next round? :)

The day we've all been waiting for........

Jabawokee dance, Vincent Thong performing YO! with the mates.

Indian dance plus malay dance plus de jabawokeeee's dance.

The Jun Ai and the Moong Hwa! Thanks for the support boobs! :D

Partners for indian dance.

Joshuaaaa gan the partner who also known as the 'scarfboy'.

Indian boys :p

After performance! Relief relief!

3 different traditional clothes. You guess?

Wakooo Jason :)

Guitar Hero after back from SP. I'll be at your level very soon lisha :)

22nd of August! Road trip with the church members to Pahang. Slept through the whole journey, not enough sleep might as well prepare in the bus before riding an elephant. We reached the elephant sanctuary before riding it. We watched a video about an elephant who it's called Vincent and something... After that, we had lunch where all the animals were kept in the cage. Not a good side to start, brough our very own home cooked meal which was mommy's nasi lemak. While everyone just packed some sandwiches -.- So, they all stared cause who brings along their rice cooker? And yes, that would be us not to mention metal folk and spoon -.- BITE US! :p So, some went on their own but i followed the kids to the elephant sanctuary while the rest of the adults went to the deerland. Started raining heaviy and it was terrible cold. I name all of the elephants but i forgot all their names. How awesome!? VERY!

The journey.

The placeee.

Video section mom, sis and lil bro.



Not sure what's that.

House of Bunny.

Where we ate.

And we're hereeee.

Oh Oh! I fed them! So hugeeee! So wicked awesomeee!

I called it...... Analisa, the only elephant i fed. The rest so stingy.

The que and we were the first.

YAY! Fianlly we rode them under the heavy cold dirty toxic rain -.- but it was fun and slimy! :D

That's the ride, in circles.

23rd- Sunday! Presbyterian church learning about how those day where people died and how they buried them? That's how? Roll them up boys. Vincent- backside is the victim of it.

Boys side.

Girls side.

And lastly, the finalist ending post at Forever 21! Polka dots black/white and peach summary dress. That would be lisha's. HEE :)

Lots more to come for the 1 week holidays. Stay tune and won't be back for long. Hopefully again, updates and out dates. I'm so so lost and so so don't know when to start. So please be so so patient and i'll be so so thankful for that. Too-he-loooo :D